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Thank you for reading my relationship blog!  I'm so excited to be able to share some of the personal experiences of my own relationship with you!  Some of them you might find funny, interesting, compelling, but it's my sincere hope that you find them helpful in building your own relationship!  In each blog I'll be sharing different stories of my own relationship  with you while incorporating lessons that I've learned along the way that helped me!  I'm going to be 100% honest with you in my relationship blogs, so buckle your seatbelts and get ready to hear the unfiltered truth.  I titled this current blog " Keep it funny" because I believe laughter has been the glue to my relationship and as you read more you'll understand why! 


As I approach my 19th year of marriage, I reflect back over the years and I first think about how fast time flies.  Wow, I've grown so much since I first got married and I've changed in so many ways that I never knew that I would or could.  To give you a little bit of a history about me relationship wise, I was never a long-term relationship type of person.  My perception of relationships used to be misconstrued and I would easily lose interest in someone after only a few months. I used to never see relationships in the far out distance, but I lived in the excitement of the moment and slowly waited for things to fizzle out as I lost interest. I think my longest relationship prior to being married lasted 5 or 6 months.  I used to have such a low tolerance for nonsense in relationships when dating, plus I think I also secretly would sabotage relationships to hurry and get them over with.  Now, that I'm older and wiser I now know why I behaved that way.  But, I'll share more on that in later blogs.


But, let's talk about how I got over my phobia of long-term relationships!  When I met my husband, I was in such an interesting place with dating.  The reason why I say it was interesting is because it wasn't as If I was experiencing a shortage on admirers & suitors.  Fortunately, that has never been my problem.  But, my issue was finding someone who I didn't' feel was intimidated by my success as a twenty something year old.  When I was in my 20's I was running my own businesses and doing quite well for myself, so when I would meet someone I always felt I had to use caution and make sure that they had the right intentions.  I think that's why I would often put my guards up and I would scrutinize them frontwards and backwards.  This became so draining though and I knew I couldn't exist this way for long If I wanted to allow my husband to find me.


So, I decided to get out of my own way and allow love to find me.  When I met my husband instantly there was a connection and we hit it off instantaneously.  We became friends quickly and love soon blossomed shortly afterwards.  We could spend countless hours together in the beginning of our relationship and most of it was spent laughing, laughing over mindless things.  I didn't' have to be in my representative mode, but I could let my hair down with him and be my silly and sometimes goofy self without feeling I would be judged.  I loved it!  It was so refreshing and exciting.  Laughing over practically anything...If we saw something funny happen in the grocery store we were laughing about it on the way home, or If we saw a movie; whether it was funny or not, we could find something funny to laugh about it days or weeks later.   And well into our marriage, laughter has been what keeps us balanced.  I'll never forgot, early into us dating an older lady saw us talking and laughing and she walked over to us and said "If you can keep laughing, then you'll stay together."  Her voice has stuck with me over the years and I remember to laugh whenever I want to be too seriously, or I remember to laugh when I get so irritated that I want to explode and I remember to laugh when I've wanted to cry.  I honestly can't explain how important laughing has been in helping my relationship last, since this is the longest relationship I've ever had, I guess the laughter must be working along with a few other things.  So, I'll leave you with this.  If you find yourself taking your relationship too serious and you're fighting or arguing over the menial things in life instead of enjoying the gift of having someone by your side who loves & cherishes you.  Then I'm going to recommend you replace some of those intense moments with a little laughter.  Find something to laugh about or laugh at each other.  It's relaxing and liberating and breakdowns walls of inferiority and insecurity  in a relationship.  Wishing you a blissful relationship with your special someone and I hope to see you smiling and laughing the next time I see you!

Yours truly,

Life Coach Lori

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