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You're only as successful as the family you build!


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Family Chronicles over the years!

In this family blog I'll be sharing some of the secrets that have led to a pretty successful 18 year marriage!

We love doing it in style!

It's fun having a partner who enjoys doing life to the fullest just as much as you do! From day one we have been the power couple to never let an obstacle get in the way of us reaching a goal.  We have grown to understand that  our unique differences are what makes the relationship work it's best.  I'm so glad that I realized family is not a guaranteed deal that we are promised to have but that it is an honor to be blessed with a family who loves you, supports you, encourages you and even at times annoys the heck out of you! 


And, although I feel everyone deserves to have the love of a family brought together by two loving people, I also understand that not everyone is privileged to have a life partner to build a future with and grow a family.  But, that should not deter anyone who doesn't have a traditional family format from building a family unit through alternative ways.  A family doesn't have to consist of a mother, father, brothers and sisters to be considered a family, but families can consistof great friends, co-workers and even neighbors!  One of the beautiful parts of life is realizing that family can often be gifted to us through the many friends that enter into our lives. 


I remember our family moving to Texas back in the early 2000's.  When we moved to Texas we knew no one and our closest relatives were close to an hour away from where we lived.  It was a big change for me as I've always been used to having family members close by and interacting with family on a regular basis.  So, the adjustment period was very tough for me and I went through a withdrawal period of not having my family in close proximity.  So, instead of sulking for far too long and using the fact that I didn't' have family near to do the things I was used to.  I decided that I would be open to the idea of having a surrogate family!


As soon as I opened myself up to the idea of making the new friends we met a part of our family, it was one of the best decisions that I've ever made.  I believe the friends who came into our life were heaven sent because I couldn't have picked friends this great If I had researched them and interviewed them myself.  Our friends in Texas became our family, our tribe our circle and no one could have told me any different that we weren't blood relatives.  We traveled together, spent holidays together, laughed together, worshipped together, cried together and raised our children together! 


These relationships were and still so important to me and filled such a special place in my life!  I can't even imagined If I had not have opened myself up to the idea of allowing these friendships to become family how my life would have been.


Family is precious and it's valuable!  Appreciate the family you have been blessed with and if you haven't been blessed with a natural family of your own, then open yourself up to the idea of building a successful family structure around the friends you have been gifted with!

Mother & daughter bond!

It's impossible to communicate the way I feel about being a mom to this beautiful young lady that I get to raise and call my daughter, my baby, my boochie!  It feels like God took a slice of  the best parts of me and a little piece of the talents of my deceased mother and created this loving child.


Losing my mother as a teenager, and being so close to her was a devastating time in my life and It was the most challenging for me to get through.  As a matter of fact, I chose not to get through it for many years and opted to suppress my feelings instead.  That was a terrible idea, but I didn't' know any better at the time and didn't realize the damage I was doing to myself emotionally by not dealing with the emotional distress of losing my mother.  Eventually I got through this but it wasn't until I had my sweet baby girl that I was able to fully release any residue of the pain that might have still been present. 


When I looked at her sweet and beautiful face for the first time, I was able to feel just how much my mother loved me!  Every since she was a little girl we've always had an extremely close bond and I committed to her a long time ago to being the best mother that I knew how to be to her! 


I enjoy getting to be not just her mother, but I also enjoy being her momager, business coach and her bestie.  She's a dynamic young lady with such amazing talent and intellect.  I thank God often that He trusted me and her father to raise her.  She is such a gift to the world and a bright lite.


As you can see family is extremely important to me and I hope family is as equally important to you too!  We're capable of doing so many wonderful things in life when we have the power of a strong family unit  behind us.  And remember, family isn't just biological the biological people we traditionally call family, but family is the people you choose to allow into the precious spaces & places of your life! 


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