Faith Works!

  June 2016 


What does your Faith say about you?
Everything you are and everything you desire to become is according to the level of faith that you have!  Your life isn't just happening to you, but the results of where you are in life is from the thoughts you produce about yourself, and the thoughts you produce about yourself are stemmed from the level of faith you possess.  Ask yourself this simple question...."how much faith do I have? I want to break some news to you, Faith is a substantial key to obtaining the success you desire!  In the bible, it says that "Faith without works is dead."   Is your faith dead or alive?  I assume alive, since you're reading this, moving around, and breathing.  So, that's good news, right?  It takes faith everyday to be able to get up and do the physical things that we do everyday like care for ourselves, drive here and there, engage in the relationships that we have.  Whether we acknowledge it or not, it takes a lot of faith to do some of the simplest things that we do consistently on a daily basis.  I want to open you up to think about that question that I posed to you earlier, "how much faith do you have."  Let's think about that question in more detail, and examine the measure of faith you are actually operating in.  Often times, we mistake faith for everyday experiences that we're used to having.  For example, when you get up in the morning and get prepared to go to work.  You brush your teeth, wash your face, shower, put on nice clothes, get into your vehicle and drive yourself to the office with the expectation, that you're still an employee with the title of District manager, that your desk with all of your personal belongings will be in the exact same spot as you left them the day before,  and that your name is still in the employee directory, right?  This is a typical experience for many people and most don't stop to think "what if this daily system was interrupted."  However, we go day to day and never give thought to the fact that maybe it's not just a daily experience that you're having; waking up, getting dressed driving to work, expecting your job to still be there.  But how about realizing just for a second that maybe, just maybe that all of this is your faith at work?  Some of your jaws might be ajar right now or you might be having a "aha" moment.  Either way, you may not be giving yourself enough credit on the level of faith that you have.  Never discount the fact that it takes faith to not only move mountains, but it takes faith to do the most basic of things like expect that when you pack your family into the car to head to the ballpark, that the streets & freeways will hold your vehicle up to in order to reach your destination.  It takes faith to believe that when you walk into the grocery store and load up your  basket up with all the goodies that you are used to eating, that all of the food will be healthy for you to eat.  Or how about the faith it takes when you go out on a date with your spouse and have a great evening and then you return home, your faith believes that everything inside of your home will be in the exact same shape it was in when you left the house.  Wow, so as you can see having faith isn't just about the big things in life that we often associate faith with like: Faith to believe you will get past a terminal illness or faith to believe your broken marriage will one day be fixed or faith that your son will not spend the rest of his life behind prison walls.  But, your faith is working on the big areas as well as the often overlooked areas in your life.  So, give yourself more credit about the amount of faith you truly possess and realize that the same faith you use everyday to navigate through your daily life is as powerful to change any circumstance going on in your life.  You are a powerful being whether you know it or not and your faith is radical and relevant.



Life Coach Lori